Inspire Improv & Coaching Brand

Inspire Improv & Coaching is owned and operated by Caitlin Drago out of Rochester, NY and was re-launched in July 2016. Caitlin is a good friend and colleague, and when I got the news that she'd be re-launching this past summer, I was very excited to take on the task of working with her to develop a brand for the wonderful services that she offers. Caitlin has extensive training in the performing arts and, more specifically, improvisation, and she uses her talents to lead incredible seminars and coaching sessions to help foster better relationships and enhance communication. THE BRAND: The shade of cyan used in this minimal design commonly indicates trust & peace, essential elements of improvisational acting. We tried out a couple of different options for primary color before settling on this lovely cyan (see alt. versions below). The scalene triangle that runs behind the type is reminiscent of a spotlight, an homage to Caitlin's training as a performer. It is a very strong shape, and here, it indicates upward momentum. The primary typeface in Inspire's brand, Sinkin Sans, is an approachable, lightweight font that is clean, in-obtrusive and slightly casual.

Inspire Improv & Coaching's Logo
Left: Letterhead
Right: Business Card & Postcard
Business Card (Front and Back)
New Project, Fresh Notebook
A Small Sample of Early Sketches
Alternate Options
One-Sheet Style Guide
Caitlin Drago & The Inspire Table in August 2016
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