Zaretsky & Associates Promotional Materials

In early 2016, I was introduced to Sharon Coates, co-owner of Zaretsky & Associates and expert landscape designer. I was given the task of designing their 2016 run of printed promotions, all of which are currently running in Post Magazine and CITY Newspaper in Rochester, NY (except for the postcards, of course). This was a very enjoyable job, and also a surprising, delightful challenge. Meshing my designs with the designs of the gardens added a layer of complexity to this series. This need for marriage of styles informed my design approach, and the result was a minimal, inobtrusive aesthetic. It was a fun learning experience, and I look forward to making more work for Z&A.

Quarter-page print advertisement in Post Magazine (Rochester, NY)
Square advertisement for CITY Newspaper (Rochester, NY)
Square advertisement for CITY Newspaper's XRIJF Guide (Rochester, NY)
Alternate version of square advertisement for CITY Newspaper's XRIJF Guide (Rochester, NY)
Quarter-page advertisement for Post Magazine (Rochester, NY)
Promotional Postcard
Promotional Postcard (front & back)
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